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Digital Construction Site at the TAR 2020

The annual TAR conference will take place in Potsdam, Germany, on January 29 and 30, 2020. The conference especially for turnarounds, plant shutdowns and revisions again holds some exciting lectures by Bayer, Covestro, Evonik and Total, among others. In addition to the presentations, there are also live demo slots at TAR 2020, which make digital solutions for mastering various challenges tangible and wonderfully illustrated.

As usual, we, Cosmo Consult TIC, together with Fraunhofer IFF, will be represented with a joint stand at TAR 2020. At the booth, visitors can find out more about the IT and IoT solutions of the Digital Construction Site as well as projects that have already been completed. Visitors also can get a unique insight into the world of digital turnarounds using live demos. In addition, the participants have the opportunity to learn about the consulting and IT services for the management of technical projects by Cosmo Consult TIC. The focus of the Fraunhofer IFF is the development of solutions for intelligent work systems, resource-efficient production and logistics as well as convergent supply infrastructures and will be happy to advise you on this at the stand.

Furthermore Cosmo Consult TIC offers an intensive workshop together with some partners of the Digital Construction Site such as Dräger Safety, Fraunhofer IFF, Henkel and Tagxter. Already on Tuesday, January 28th, 2020, under the topic “5 years Digital Construction Site – a success story! Use and Benefits in Turnarounds – How cloud-based platforms with mobile assistance apps and IoT technologies create real added value”, ideas, technologies, solution approaches and case studies for the digital turnaround will be presented.


Udo Ramin, Cosmo Consult TIC
Introduction to the initiative “Digital Construction Site – Smart Industry Park” and presentation of the cooperation partners
Udo Ramin, Cosmo Consult TIC
The “Digital Construction Site” – a success story
Cloud and business apps in action in a turnaround
Fabian Rühle, Tagxter
Digital map for the Smart Industry Park
Mobile navigation on the site premises
Bernd Hammer, Henkel
Smart Assets – latest sensor technology in turnarounds and predictive maintenance
Solutions for smart assets such as smart pipes & vessels, smart flanges, smart pumps, as well as business apps and intelligent cloud services
Denis Hering, Dräger                                    
Transmitting gas detectors in the turnaround
Andrea Urbansky, Fraunhofer IFF – FASA e.V.
The Digital Twin for turnaround, operation, maintenance and safety
A reference report on the virtual industrial site – VR in use for the construction site and industrial park

If you would like to discuss your case study, we invite you to participate in the workshop. Due to the expected great interest and the limited number of participants, we recommend that you register early.

We look forward to meeting you at the TAR Conference 2020, to exchanging ideas and having stimulating discussions with you.

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