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Connect & Collaborate with your Supply Chain – Becker Rudder System

The Client: Becker Marine Systems – Products & Service

Integrating Digital into the Industrial Value Chain
HMI 2018 Showcase – Example Asset– BECKER RUDDER SYSTEM

>> Integrating Digital into the Industrial Value Chain <<

Showcase scenario – with actors in the process: 

0) The customer, operator of a vessel, wants to maintain and modernize his existing rudder system within the scope of a conversion project in a TÜV revision of the vessel including general repair. The analysis of the life cycle data from sensors within the scope of the predictive maintenance contract with its rudder supplier has shown that an existing rudder component has to be replaced by a new one.

1) For this purpose, the rudder construction company (BMS) is commissioned to deliver the new modern Becker Rudder in a conversion project. For the work on this project the rudder construction company (BMS) provides all necessary information and role-based mobile apps on a cloud-based contractor portal, to interact with its external partners and the customer. The customer, the ship´s operator and the industrial service provider for the work in the dockyard (Cronus AG) want to ensure that everyone involved in the project works safely. The Safety Instructor App is available to the safety and work instructions for the staff. The Object Tracker App can be used to track all critical devices and components with the sensor data, e.g. the new components of the rudder. All important project information are available via the Project Team Site App. Using the mobile 3D-Viewer-App, he can navigate into his rudder system and the rudder components.

2) The rudder manufacturer (BMS) receives the order to manufacture and supply the new rudder system (Becker Rudder). The Object Tracker is used to supply core information about the state of the rudder components and their collaboration with other components . This specific tracker can monitor heterogeneous objects and display their status.

3) The rudder manufacturer (BMS) can receive information via sensors on his rudder component and gets information to evaluate via business analytics for predictive maintenance. He contacts the customer as part of his predictive maintenance order and delivers a modern, new replacement. The replacement can be carried out as a part of the planned TÜV-Revision in which the new, modern rudder system will be installed and implicated. The rudder manufacturer’s mechanic uses the Object Tracker App on site to track structural components and the progress on the building site.

COSMO Digitale Baustelle