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We are COSMO CONSULT TIC GmbH, whose traces go back to the year 2003. As a company specializing in innovative industry solutions for plant manufacturers, industrial service providers and their customers from the process industry, we worked in the early years mainly on the strategic economic focal points of Saxony-Anhalt and Central Germany. These were to be strengthened for competition and prepared for the changed requirements of the global market.
We subsequently succeeded in establishing the company Tectura (later TEC EPM GmbH) in Magdeburg, which focused on the development, introduction and marketing of IT solutions and consulting services for plant service, project management and controlling as well as the management of major shutdowns and investment projects in refineries and chemical plants.

From the very beginning, our approach was to provide services and IT services based on Microsoft grasroot technologies such as SharePoint and established software such as MS Project / MS Project Server.

Today we, the COSMO CONSULT TIC, are responsible within the COSMO CONSULT Group especially for the innovation topics Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things.
TIC stands for Technical Innovation Center. We want to develop something new for our customers and continue the proven!

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