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Project information

The initiative Industry 4.0 – Digital Construction Site is an open cooperation platform for partners from the fields of consulting, realization, development, research and IT solutions and interested customers that operate production facilities or technical infrastructure, and thus have technical projects with appropriate construction sites. It is also for service providers that are active at such construction sites, such as plant construction companies, industrial service providers, craftsmen, and suppliers of equipment, machinery and tools. The common interest of these partners is to use industry 4.0 technologies in order contribute to the digital transformation of industrial locations and their construction sites, and to develop new ways to increase efficiency for the companies.

The cooperation association offers solutions for the digital transformation of entire industrial locations using the latest IoT technologies. These range from a cloud-based contractors and vendors portal with mobile apps for the operators, contractors, and suppliers, including cloud-based collaboration on technical projects in Office 365, to digital site maps, tracking and tracing equipment, materials, tools, machines, vehicles and staff by means of radio-based IoT tags and sensor technologies, to 3D virtual industrial parks, including digitalized plants and production facilities in 3D.

The cooperation partners involved, such as the Fraunhofer IFF, Microsoft, Autodesk, Tagxter, Bosch, Dräger, telent, CAXperts, Premiso, Henkel and the Cosmo Consult group offer a worldwide network with expertise, solution competence and, with the AZURE IoT cloud by Microsoft, one of the world’s largest capacities for computing power.

The main goal is to minimize the 30-40% non-productive time at construction sites, thereby increasing the availability of assets and to improve work safety at construction sites.
Objectives of the initiative Industry 4.0 – Digital Construction Site are:

* Halving the non-productive periods on the construction site

* Boosting work safety on the construction site

* Improving quality on the construction site

* Reducing dead times on the construction site

One of the first target markets are construction sites in the process industry. More target markets are chemistry parks, industrial parks with their production sites and equipment suppliers for production facilities.


COSMO Digitale Baustelle