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Cosmo Consult TIC

Partner of Process Industry for 20 years:

Engineering and IT Solutions from Turnaround to Maintenance as well as Consulting and Planning Support for Technical Projects

Cloud-based turnaround web portal with mobile business apps for interaction with external partners in the turnaround of a refinery in Central Germany

No waiting times at the site gate

> 50% time saving for the provision of information

> 50% processing time reduction of the gas release

Keine Wartezeiten am Werkstor

> 50% Zeiteinsparung für Kontraktoren

> 50% Durchlaufzeitverkürzung
der Gasfreigabe

Mobile business apps for confirmation on the turnaround of a refinery in Southern Germany via web portal

80% time saving for the provision of information

30-40% reduction of execution time in the confirmation process

3 man-month cost savings through "digital wallpaper"

30-40% Durchlaufzeitverkürzung im Rückmeldeprozess

30-40% Durchlaufzeitverkürzung im Rückmeldeprozess

30-40% Durchlaufzeitverkürzung im Rückmeldeprozess

30-40% Durchlaufzeitverkürzung im Rückmeldeprozess

3 Mann-Monate Kosteneinsparung durch digitale Tapete

Mobile safety instruction with certification for all employees of a turnaround in an oil refinery in Great Britain

Safety in your hands: “The dedicated website [with mobile apps] is part of the communications that we give to all about working safely on our site.”

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Cosmo Consult TIC GmbH – Technical Innovation Center of the Cosmo Consult Group

Cosmo Consult TIC GmbH is a consulting company of the Cosmo Consult Group and specializes in engineering consulting as well as the development and implementation of industry-specific software solutions for complex technical projects. The market focus is especially on operators of large process plants and refineries in the oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical industry.

Here you will find realized business cases from the industry: Cases

Our Portfolio

Within the scope of engineering consulting, we support and undertake program planning, project controlling, scheduling and project planning for our customers throughout all phases. In addition, we support our customers in modular planning approaches, innovative project controlling concepts and project reviews of all kinds.

As IT specialists, we advise and support our customers in the development of feasible roadmaps for digital transformation and the implementation of their digitization strategies. To this end, we make our industry-specific cloud applications available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), customize them to meet customer-specific requirements and integrate them into existing cloud or on-premise solutions. We develop new apps and software modules to meet individual customer needs. We also support the implementation and use of the latest Microsoft productivity tools, such as Office 365 and Project Server. In addition, we enable our customers to leverage the economic potential of hidden production data. For this purpose we rely on our process engineering expertise and the know-how of Cosmo Consult Data Science.

Find more information about our services: Portfolio

Our Added Value – Our Experts

With the combination of engineering expertise and IT know-how, we enable our customers to implement projects at significantly lower overall costs, with shorter project durations and more transparency in the processes.

Get to know our experts: Team

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