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Site Guide

The standard software for navigation and orientation on private and company sites

The “Site Guide” by Tagxter is the flexible software for navigation and orientation on all types of private and company sites, from the chemical park to the industrial site or the university hospital.

In particular, the long-term goal is to establish an European de-facto standard for navigation on private and company sites, since all conventional navigation devices and apps no longer work (reliably) as soon as the site gate or the site boundary is reached. Within Germany, the software is already in use at more locations than any other on-site navigation solution.

The Site Guide Navigation App or a custom app powered by Tagxter allows visitors, suppliers and employees to be guided from the gate to their destination (e.g. building entrance, loading point or parking space) – whether on foot, by car or by truck. Construction zones, speed limits, special traffic rules and other site specifics are considered. The navigation is available in 19 languages. With the integrated pager function, it is also possible to communicate with users of the Site Guide Navigation App. For example, to order them from a waiting zone to a specific destination on the site.

The Site Guide is already being used at chemical parks, large company locations, container terminals, clinical sites and universities. The system has therefore proven itself many times on different sites in productive use. In addition, the navigation solution is already integrated into the telematics systems of various freight forwarders.

The software includes the following solutions:

  • Site Guide Navigation & Pager App: The standard solution for navigation on private and company sites. Navigation for visitors, truck drivers but also employees.
  • Site Guide Employee App: “Digital site map for your pocket” with the main functions Information, Orientation and Navigation.
  • Site Guide Construction Zone Management: Administration and representation of construction works on the sites.
  • Interactive site map: Displays the site map including all contents (tags, construction zones, etc.) in the browser. For integration into the intranet, at the reception, at the site fire brigade, at the site security, etc.

All solutions go hand in hand and can be used together, but also individually. Depending on the selection of functions, the Site Guide covers various use cases for different units. Of course, we will advise you with tips from practice. If you are interested, a pilot project can be carried out to evaluate the use on your site.

Further information can be found in the following documents:

Site Guide Navigation App Demo Video

The video shows a navigation session in the Site Guide Navigation App to a fictive industrial plant. The app automatically detects the current site and enables the user to search for available destinations. This can either be done with a standard keyboard search or via the scan of a Site Guide QR-Code (not in the video). During the navigation session you can observe several features like blockages (orange area), a behavior message at the end and different speed limits.

The Tagxter Site Guide in specialist media (only available in german):

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