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telent GmbH offers customized technology solutions and smart services for critical infrastructures (KRITIS) and industry. The company supports its customers in the design, planning, installation, integration, operation and maintenance with additional services.

Telent will expand its role as a system integrator, in which, among other things, LoRa® as a technology is taken into account.

LoRa – IoT radio network

The LoRa® network is extremely energy-efficient, with very good network coverage. The low bandwidth of up to 50 kbit/s is sufficient to transmit information in an energy-saving way and to save network costs. Depending on the application, the end devices can operate for up to 15 years with a battery-powered power supply. An advantage is the bidirectional data transmission, which further extends the application possibilities of the LoRa® technology. The bandwidth can thus be used in up- and downlink. The collection of data, but also the active control of end devices is possible without any problems.

COSMO Digitale Baustelle