COSMO Digitale Baustelle


As a leading global manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, Henkel is expanding its product offering with LOCTITE® Pulse, a new portfolio of IIOT solutions. These are designed to minimize plant operator downtime, save maintenance costs and increase safety and sustainability. Following the motto “Engineered by Henkel – Developed by Cosmo Consult”, the solutions based on innovative sensor technology are technically developed and marketed by Henkel and implemented on the software side by Cosmo Consult.

Henkel is contributing both, its application and chemical expertise, built up over decades, and new analytical expertise.

Henkel is a partner in the “Digitale Baustelle – Smart Industry Park” initiative led by Cosmo Consult and the Fraunhofer IFF.

The first product released of Henkel’s new brand LOCTITE® Pulse, is Smart Leak Detection, an intelligent leakage monitoring system.

The LOCTITE® Pulse app runs on the AZURE IoT Cloud, which was software-engineered by Cosmo Consult TIC. It is based on the COSMO apps Smart Asset and Object Tracker, among others, and is connected to innovative sensors on equipment and components in plants, among others. It brings IoT & smart home functionality for predictive maintenance to industry via a mobile app.


COSMO Digitale Baustelle