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Smart Industrial Site

“Digital Transformation – On track to a smart industrial site”

In Europe and especially in Germany, we have a high density of industrial sites and industrial parks that have been in operation for decades. Unlike in Asia or China, these sites have often grown and expanded historically, at times when there was no talk of digitalization. Looked at digitally with a “Google point of view”, these sites are now blank maps, not digitally networked and integrated. We are in the brown field sector and have to digitalize the installed infrastructure afterwards. 

What does digitization bring us?

One example: During a construction project at an industrial site, 30 to 40% of the time is unproductive!  

If we could halve today’s unproductive times on construction sites through digitalization, we would save a lot of money and time and increase productivity and safety.

How to start?

Digitalization starts before the factory gate when interacting with visitors, contractors, suppliers, partners and also internal employees working at the industrial site. Waiting times at the factory gate for registration and safety briefings should no longer occur in the age of digitalization. The private smartphone should be usable on the site and role-based information and mobile apps should be available for activities at the site. Searching, navigating , and finding should be possible on everyone’s own smartphone.

Despite process control systems used in production facilities, a lot of installed equipment is not digitally connected and networked. Today, hundreds of inspection points in an industrial site have to be inspected periodically and conventionally. From inspection via digital services  to online monitoring with IoT sensors applied to existing equipment could be a remedy here.      

What makes an industrial site smart?

Are you interested?

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