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Review Hannover Fair 2018

COSMO CONSULT Group, one of the world’s leading Microsoft Dynamics partners and end-to-end solutions providers, reports a positive outcome following this year’s Hannover Messe. The company saw high demand from medium-sized manufacturers looking for digitalization solutions. The software and consulting firm demonstrated various possible Industry 4.0 concepts with a scenario from the shipbuilding industry.

The Hannover Messe is the world’s most important industrial tradeshow and largest capital goods exhibition. This year nearly 250,000 visitors attended the event to learn about the products offered by the roughly 6,500 companies in attendance. The demand was particularly high for intelligent concepts that connect machines and systems with digital technologies and solutions for data analytics that help gather information which can be used to make production processes more transparent, secure and flexible.

A leader in end-to-end solutions for Microsoft environments

This is exactly where the COSMO CONSULT Group comes into play. The specialist in process consulting and software development presented a case study from the shipbuilding industry at the Hannover Messe to demonstrate how companies can use state-of-the-art technology platforms to optimize the way they work with their project services partners. In the scenario, IoT technologies help track the progress of the project, prepare quality reports from mobile devices and support customers by offering additional services throughout the entire product life cycle. “Our end-to-end scenarios currently enjoy a high level of recognition when it comes to Microsoft environments. There aren’t many Microsoft partners who can combine decades of production experience with such broad expertise in the area of digitalization. So the Hannover Messe was the perfect event for us. Our scenario in particular generated a lot of interest among experts attending the fair,” Klaus Aschauer, Director of the COSMO CONSULT-Group, was pleased to report.

Consulting and solutions expertise for medium-sized enterprises

While larger companies are developing their own Industry 4.0 concepts and are already gaining their first experiences, many medium-sized enterprises are still only just starting out. They are looking for a partner who can advise them in digitalization matters and who can actively assist them with the implementation. “Companies are starting out from very different places in this regard. Many companies are using digital technologies to develop new business models, while others lack modern ERP systems to lay a foundation for future digitalization strategies,” Aschauer emphasizes. COSMO CONSULT offers a large portfolio of solutions that includes ERP and CRM systems, data analytics solutions as well as supplier portals, cloud technologies and Internet of Things (IoT). This means that COSMO CONSULT is well-equipped to develop a custom digitalization concept for any manufacturing company.

The solutions of the future will be intelligent

Looking ahead, Aschauer sees artificial intelligence playing a greater role in digitalization concepts: “How to interconnect machines, systems, components and the IT infrastructure is already clear for the most part. The task now is to use new technologies like artificial intelligence to prepare the collected data intelligently so that producers can make the right decisions in any situation. Our customers would reap even greater value as a result.” To those looking to get started with digitalization quickly, he recommends starting small and testing out digital technologies in a manageably-sized company division first in order to gain experience and develop a sense of the opportunities and possibilities it can offer. COSMO CONSULT assists medium-sized enterprises with process analysis, digitalization concepts, technical implementation and the operation of the digital infrastructure in the cloud or within a company.

COSMO CONSULT supports medium-sized companies in process analysis, the conception of digitisation ideas, the technical implementation and the operation of the digital infrastructure in the cloud or in their own company. Just get in contact with us.

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