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Mobile Confirmation Briefly Explained

Whether on a large construction site, in shipbuilding or plant construction – without a central project management that keeps track of every single project phase, every subsection and every work step, there would be a great deal of chaos. To make the right decisions, up-to-date information is required, especially on the status of the many tasks. The decisive question is: What is finished when?

Within large projects, there is often a time discrepancy between actual completion and official confirmation – for example, because information is passed on too late, because the project team on site has to make a tedious effort to get an overview of the project itself, or because the queue in front of the project office is long. This leads to delays that can quickly add up to hours, days or even weeks over the entire project duration. The lost time is not only annoying: If projects are delayed, it also costs the company money. Sometimes even a lot of money. So why not use modern technologies to optimize feedback processes in project-oriented production?

Precise planning with automatic confirmation

Mobile solutions such as cc|mobile confirmation play a central role here. The web app runs on the cc|vendor & contractor portal under Azure and links project management with the construction site or production. Technicians can report back on completed tasks via smartphone or tablet – without time-consuming paperwork, telephone calls or walking distances. This also eliminates unproductive waiting times.

How it works is quickly explained: First, tasks are transferred from the planning system to the cloud. Users can access them via the web app on a role-based basis, independent of time and location. This means they only see those activities that fall within their area of responsibility. With a few simple steps, the degree of completion can be changed or the task can be marked as completed. Every adjustment is automatically synchronized with the respective planning system via the cloud. In this way, the project management is informed of the current progress of the project without delay. This enables them to correctly assess the further course of the project at any time and to provide precise information on the expected remaining time to completion within the framework of forecasts. Thanks to the flexible cloud technology, digital confirmation works not only internally, but also with service technicians from external partner companies.


With cc|mobile confirmation, confirmation is immediately available, which significantly improves the transparency and significance of project planning. At the same time, redundant data entries and costly, paper-based coordination procedures are eliminated. As a result, project management can precisely analyze progress and offer reliable forecasts.

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