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Your Benefit

That’s what our customers say:


Cloud based vendor & contractor portal with mobile business apps for interaction with external partners:

  • “Refinery goes cloud” – “We get absolutely brilliant feedback” – “simple and useful”
  • > 80% time saving for the contractor by accessing information, documents and mobile apps on the portal
  • Elimination of costs for the provision of appropriate IT infrastructure by the operator for contractor employees in the field


Safety Instructor App:

  • “We can’t tell at the site gate that there’s a standstill!”
  • Safety First – Safety instructions are given in advance! – No more waiting times at the site gate!
  • Cost savings of safety personnel and equipment (safety container)
  • Can also be used in daily business for guests and contractors



  • “A gas message that used to take 3 hours (shift book) now only takes 20 minutes and can be evaluated immediately.”
  • Automatic documentation and historization in a central database


Mobile Confirmation – Apps Suite:

  • 30 – 40% lead time reduction in the confirmation process through mobile confirmation app suite
  • 100% digital recording of additional work in time
  • > 80% cost savings in recording, evaluation, approval of additional work – no need for paperwork & Excel
  • “In an internal online voting, the cc|mobile confirmation app received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.”


Progress tracking & visualization using Power BI cockpits and digital wallpaper on large touch screens:

  • > 80% lead time reduction in progress reporting
  • 3 man-month cost savings through the use of digital flags (digital wallpaper) based on dynamic progress reporting in TAR
  • Cost savings by elimination of approx. 10 construction site containers in the TAR by use of the digital wallpaper


Object Tracker with Digital Scaffolding Book:

  • Cost savings due to minimization of framework service life
  • Lead time reduction of the framework release process
  • Visibility of all frameworks on the site – Visual collision check Framework with framework
COSMO Digitale Baustelle