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COSMO CONSULT SUMMIT – Workshop for Customers and Interested Parties 2019

PMO Services – Impulses & Practical Examples in the Context of Digitization

When: 18th and 19th September 2019
Where: Dorint Herrenkrug Parkhotel in Magdeburg

Hardly any other topic has been so strained for quite some time and is equally subject to such an immense breadth of interpretation as that of digitization. In almost every business area it is an absolute MUST to set up a “digitization project”.

In this year’s workshop, we would like to use a series of keynote lectures and practical examples to show which solutions, concepts and methods already have application and implementation potential based on real project experience.

Five Years Digital Construction Site – Where are we today and where the journey will go?

We look forward to interesting presentations from customers and partners, stimulating conversations and fruitful discussions on both workshop days.


Day 1

Udo Ramin & Stefan Rohkohl, Cosmo Consult TIC
Five years of “Digital Construction Site” – A success story
Steffen Weber, TOTAL Refinery Central Germany (Leuna)
Quality assurance for turnaround and CAPEX projects
Conception of the TOTAL refinery using the example of the TA2020
Frank Stargardt, PCK Refinery
Digitization at PCK Schwedt
Virtual marketplace of industrial services for the Smart Industrial Park
Sven Hellberg, H&R / Christian Rommel & Florian Bannier, Cosmo Consult TIC
Modular planning made easy
Smart project setup: Layout, costs and deadlines under control
Dr. Stefan Osterburg, Cosmo Consult TIC
Rollout of DigiBau solutions in the TOTAL Group
Software as a Service for the Lindsey Oil Refinery
Benjamin Becker, Cosmo Consult TIC
cc|datahub and user interface – data exchange in the cloud
Solution for data transfer and transformation
Sandro Dadaczynski, Cosmo Consult TIC
Digital scaffolding book
Web application for the resource planning of scaffolding
Josefin Peper & Benjamin Becker, Cosmo Consult TIC
What’s New? – Twitter for Assets
Leonard Klum, Cosmo Consult TIC
Dynamic cockpits via Power BI

Day 2

Udo Ramin & Stefan Rohkohl, Cosmo Consult TIC
CC TIC on the way to new digital services
New models: PaaS, SaaS
Andrea Urbansky, Fraunhofer IFF, Udo Ramin, Cosmo Consult TIC
Industry 4.0 – Smart Industry Park – Smart Assets
Marcus Kögler, Fraunhofer IFF
Data analysis – the underestimated effort of data preparation
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Richter, Fraunhofer IFF
Automatic identification in the type lable
Current status of DIN SPEC 91406
Stefan Rohkohl & Udo Ramin, Cosmo Consult TIC
Cosmo Consult TIC – Roadmap and prospects


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