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Mobile Confirmation and Digital Wallpaper

Cloud-based Reporting through mobile Confirmation and digital Wallpaper

  • Interactive visualization of the Project Progress by using digital wallpaper
  • Digital wallpaper on large touch screens in the site containers, offices & central locations
  • Various confirmation apps for employees and project managers

“Here you can see from whom it comes: from “turnarounders” for “turnarounders”.”

TAR manager of a refinery in Southern Germany (2019)


Refinery goes Cloud – Reference report

The digital flag and various apps for confirmation were used in the last turnaround of a refinery in Southern Germany and will also be used in future turnarounds.

“The digital wallpaper is very popular, especially because it provides a simple overview not only for appliances, but for all operating points. This is exactly what you need in a turnaround. And the brilliant thing is that anyone can access it from anywhere.”

TAR manager of a refinery in Southern Germany (2019)

Implemented CC TIC Solutions

“In an internal online voting, the cc|mobile confirmation received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.”

TAR manager of a refinery in Southern Germany (2019)

Effects Achieved

  • More than 80% lead time reduction for progress reporting
  • 3 man-month cost savings through the use of digital wallpaper and dynamic progress reporting in the TAR
  • Cost saving by eliminating approx. 10 construction site containers in the TAR by using the digital wallpaper
  • Elimination of costs for the provision of appropriate IT infrastructure by the operator for the employees of contractors in the field

“We receive absolutely brilliant feedback from the users. Simple and useful – that’s how it has to be.”

TAR manager of a refinery in Southern Germany (2019)

Do you have any questions about this case? Please contact: Stefan Osterburg
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cc|digitale baustelle