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Preise der Kooperationspartnerprodukte

Prices of the cooperation partner products

Virtual-interactive site information system (SIS)

  • The Fraunhofer IFF is a partner from the field of applied research and develops customized solutions for its customers.
  • The VDT platform, as a visualization platform, is in general introduced into projects in a cost-neutral fashion.
  • We are solution-oriented.
  • The prices vary according to the scope of the project.
  • The basis of every project is to work with the customer to create comprehensive specifications of functions and requirements.

All other prices to products of Cosmo Consult TIC GmbH and our cooperation partners are available on request. Just get in touch with us.
We will gladly provide you with all the functions and apps you need from a single source. Just give us a call or contact us by email, so that we can create a suitable concept for your individual requirements.

cc|digitale baustelle