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COSMO Business Apps

Our long-term experience in the planning and implementation of technical projects such as turnarounds and revisions have shown that process plant operators face various challenges when carrying out such projects. These include cumbersome plant, safety and work instructions from contractors and outside companies, a time-consuming feedback process of completion of planned activities, and inefficient and error-prone gas release measurements.

For these and other problem areas, we have developed a concept that provides all necessary information and work orders in the form of mobile web apps on a central platform. The apps can be customized and assembled according to specific requirements using the modular principle and made available on the COSMO Contractor Portal on a role-based basis.

Below you will find a selection of our field-tested web applications:

COSMO Pack: Mobile Confirmation View the pack

COSMO Pack: Safety Instructor View the pack

COSMO Object Tracker

Online tracking of objects and real-time information gathering:
The Object Tracker combines hierarchical object relationships as well as identification and location for real-time information retrieval, tracking and further processing of objects.

COSMO Safety Instructor

Mobile interactive safety briefing, testing and certification, e-learning:
The app enables the mobile execution of mandatory safety briefings in advance of upcoming work.

COSMO Mobile Task Info

Provision of information for planned and confirmed orders:
This is a supplementary business app to COSMO Mobile Rückmeldung. The user can obtain information about the status of planned and confirmed activities easily and mobile.

COSMO Mobile Confirmation

Cloud-based confirmation of planned activities:
Represents as a mobile Web app the digital connection between project management and the construction site. It brings the information directly to the construction site and back to the backend systems via online synchronization.

COSMO Task Manager

Coordination tool for planned and confirmed activities from different planning systems:
Corrective confirmations can be made without the respective planning tool. Various filter options allow an individual visualization of all activities.


The Project Management Office (PMO) is based on Project Online in Office 365 and is used, among other things, for the creation and processing of schedules and the deployment of resources.
The app provides the entire range of functions of Microsoft Project Professional.

Power BI

Dashboard for structured and easy to understand presentation of information about projects and resources.


User interface for setting the DBDS interface to external systems (e.g. SAP, MSP) or to the DBDS.

COSMO Contractor Portal

An internet platform that is controlled by the user profile and enables access to documents, cloud services and web apps. The portal realizes requirements that occur for instance during a shutdown in a process plant.


Manage project documents, tasks and risks using SharePoint team site based on Office 365.

COSMO Modular Planner

The web application enables georeferenced, true-to-scale planning using Google Maps and existing plant plans. If desired, a separate module library can be set up to serve a variety of scenarios such as plant planning, crane location planning, scaffolding planning.

COSMO Digital Wallpaper

The digital wallpaper represents an interactive visualization of the project progress and work lists. It is displayed on large touch screens in the site containers, offices and central locations.

COSMO Visitor Management

The visitor management offers the possibility of a registration of visitors via a central terminal, tablet or via QR code on their own device.

COSMO Scaffolding Book

Desktop-focused web application for planning the use of scaffolding. The Scaffolding Book app is used for creating and locating scaffolds and making core data available.

COSMO Gas Clearance (GASAP)

Gas analysis as soon as possible to production
It is a mobile, native app for gas analysis, the approval and release of devices in process plants.

COSMO Workforce Report

The app enables contractors on site to easily report their planned and actual workforce for each day, especially for turnarounds. The operator gets an overview of all employees on site.

Do you have questions about IT applications? Your contact: Stefan Osterburg

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