COSMO Digitale Baustelle

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COSMO Mobile Confirmation Pack

In maintenance projects or service activities in daily business, the planning department has to deal with a large number of different activities that are implemented by in-house employees or external service providers – often directly on site. The timely flow of information on the status of activities is a major challenge: feedback is delayed, service providers do not know what work is pending, and project coordinators are informed late or not at all.

The COSMO Mobile Confirmation Pack – consisting of COSMO Mobile Confirmation, COSMO Mobile Task Info, COSMO Task Manager and COSMO Digital Wallpaper – simplifies and accelerates the process of information exchange between different employees or partners. Paper documents or telephone consultations in project or service business are no longer necessary. Problems or time delays can be responded to directly, with all important information automatically displayed to users in the apps.

The COSMO business apps are designed in such a way that the usually be called up via a web portal. This web portal provides all relevant apps, messages and documents for all internal and external participants and access is managed on a role-based basis.

COSMO Digitale Baustelle