COSMO Digitale Baustelle

8 Years Digital Construction Site

8 years ago we started the initiative “Industry 4.0 – Digital Construction Site” together with our research partner, Fraunhofer IFF.

Our service portfolio:

  • Today we offer and maintain a construction kit for cloud-based portals with business app suites on AZURE for interaction with external partners and smart assets on construction sites and industrial sites. All business apps can be deployed quickly, on a case-by-case basis and, thanks to AZURE Cloud, flexible scalable for customers with their construction sites or industrial sites.
  • Everything for rent as SaaS or PaaS model. You only pay for the actual use according to the pay-per-use principle, whether 100 users or 5000 workers on the construction site or at the industrial site.
  • You do not need any IT infrastructure. A smartphone or tablet, e.g. of a contractor employee, preferably with Internet access, is sufficient.
  • Together with our IoT partners, we offer over 40 different wireless based sensors for object tracking on the construction site and in the smart industry park.
  • The digitalization portfolio ranges from the provision and use of portals for construction sites and smart industry parks with role-based mobile business apps such as mobile safety and work instructions in front of the site gate, mobile gas measurements and release, mobile confirmations from the site, mobile object tracking with various sensors to the life cycle sensor for predictive maintenance, the digital scaffold book, various digital twin solutions and a virtual location.


Digital construction site in action:

  • Our cloud-based platforms, including business apps, are used by well-known customers in the oil, chemical and plant engineering industries.
  • Since 2017, the digital construction site has been used for 4 major shutdowns of German and European refineries with up to 4,500 contractors.
  • In over 10 medium-sized construction sites such as TÜV revisions, maintenance, plant construction and construction projects of chemical and refinery plants, etc., Digital Construction Site modules have been successfully used.


Digital construction site in figures:

  • 4 large turnarounds in refineries D/EU (2,500 to > 4,500 field workers on site)
  • 10 medium-sized construction sites in chemistry, refineries etc. (TÜV revisions, maintenance and construction projects with 200 to 500 field workers)
  • > 10,000 users on the portals
  • > 4,000 safety certificates in our mobile Safety Instructor App
  • > 7 different languages
  • > 1,500 users in 16 countries for work instructions in our mobile Safety Instructor App
  • > 6.000 equipments with GASAP App
  • GASAP App in use in 3 refineries in the EU
  • > 25,000 mobile confirmations during major shutdowns (refinery)
  • > 25,000 sensor transactions of wireless based sensors (LoRA/Buetooth) in the Object Tracker in AZURE
  • Digital Twin for 3 industrial locations with virtual location
  • 3 x Innovations-Awards at CeBIT and Hannover fair
COSMO Digitale Baustelle